The Art of Sky Photography

by Brian King

about paintings in the sky

Brian King, artist and designer, has a unique perspective on the sky and its clouds. "One day, we will be able to project or create moving images or holograms dancing overhead. Until then, I just love to shoot photos of beautiful skyscapes. I sometimes then manipulate them according to the demands of my imagination."

"Artists are the visionaries of society: our works reflect the past, interpret the present and envision the future. We are the architects of our culture! ART belongs to all people in this world. We will be neither censored nor denied! Support your local artist: buy directly from ARTISTS!"


Lenticular Clouds Video

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Cloudscapes Video

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Cloud Panoramas Video

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Skyscapes Video

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Sky Paintings Video

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Paintings In The Sky Video

(My visions of projected sky art!)

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